At Accedo Occupational Therapy is central to our approach to care. We work closely with clients from day one in identifying meaningful occupations that support independence, skill development and confidence.

A Chartered OT works with clients, along with a SLT to put together an agreed programme of care which helps develop the whole person, helping clients reach their chosen goals and increased independence. Our Care Workers play a major role in progressing clients towards their objectives, with many carers choosing to develop their OT skills further by choosing it as their chosen training specialty, with many reaching mentor status, helping teach colleagues and leading by example.

Assistant OT’s are soon to be new additions to our team. Their role will be to develop therapeutic relations with clients, help develop treatment plans and help support carers in developing their skills. With monthly clinical supervisions from our OT consultant it is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and develop a career in learning disability. If you would like any more information please contact our HR Department, our learning and development lead can help answer your questions.