The Accedo name may be new but as a team we have worked together for a number of years. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and a shared passion for delivering high quality care as well as the design and build of quality services.

Ruth Georgiou

Chief Executive Director

I’m a qualified nurse for people with a learning disability. With over 30 years’ experience in the field, I have worked in a variety of settings both within the NHS and Independent Sector. I have worked as a Ward Manager (NHS), Registered Home Manager (challenging behaviour services), set up specialist hospital services.

As a Director and Partner of Accedo, I’m responsible for the growth and development of the business, but most importantly, to ensure we follow our philosophy and commitment to our service user.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. As a child my favourite pet was my goat Lucy
  2. I cycled around Iceland on a mountain bike
  3. I got married in Las Vegas
  4. I have known the Directors of Accedo for more than 20 years (yes that means some members were very young when we first met)
  5. I used to live by the sea in Cornwall and had a pet dog who used to love surfing

Chris Collard

Finance Director

I’m delighted to be joining the team at Accedo as Financial Director. I’m a qualified accountant with many years’ experience working within the financial service industry at a senior level both within England and Europe

I share Accedo’s aim to ensure quality and best value to our customers, and to develop financially viable services in accordance to our customers’ needs and wishes.

I live in North London with my family and value our family time together. I’m a keen cyclist and avid Porsche fan.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. I have a passion for classic Porsches and belong to the Porsche club
  2. They say I look just like my caricature
  3. In my late teens I used to sing in a band called Avoc
  4. I’m fluent in Greek
  5. I can cook a mean BBQ

Louis G Sideras

Human Resource Director

I’ve been working in the care industry for around 8 years now. I started from grass roots level as a Care Worker which allowed me to gain the required knowledge necessary for making important management decisions, and how it would affect those directly providing our service. When the time was right, I transitioned into Compliance & Regulation where I became responsible for managing procedures and ensuring we met the relevant legislation as a Company. HR became a natural career move, and that’s where I’ve remained since; first as a Manager, and now as a Director.

I currently hold a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Management, as well as a CIPD qualification in Human Resource Management.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. I love to sky dive
  2. I support Manchester United Football Club
  3. I only eat organic food
  4. I have never been to a music concert
  5. I’m a bit of a gadget freak

Eleni Constantinou


Eleni is a Director and Partner at Accedo and oversees the accounts, maintenance and the day-to-day administration for the business. Eleni is also
the friendly voice at the end of the telephone!

Eleni has been involved in several building projects; private residential, hospitals and residential care homes of which she liaises between architect and contractors. Having studied interior decoration and soft furnishings at university, Eleni has a real passion for this sector.

In her free time, Eleni is involved in a lot of charity work and has travelled to Indian to support an orphanage that she helped set up.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. I used to have a pet snake.
  2. Favourite past times include, eating out, sleeping & shopping!
  3. I have been involved in distributing Christmas shoe boxes in Montenegro.
  4. I’d like to do a sky dive but would be terrified.
  5. I hate waking up really early!

Rosemary Lepe

Senior Operational Manager (Registered Manager) 

I have over 20 years’ experience working within the care industry and am proficient in providing personal care to service users as well as developing innovative schemes and projects that help drive core business goals. I am a conscientious individual who excels in self-motivation and enhancing the skill set of teams. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, having worked alongside local government figureheads; delivering reports, gathering competitor knowledge and assisting with the tender process.

My experience with service users range from elderly care, adults with learning disabilities to autistic and mental health needs. All of which I have carried out in a professional manner demonstrating and maintaining high standards.

I have the ability to interpret Care Quality Commission’s requirements into workable systems in line with the organisation’s needs and am excellent in building professional relationships with all stakeholders, especially where there has been evidence of identified issues.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. I am social
  2. I am family orientated
  3. I am open hearted in helping others
  4. I have lots of positive energy
  5. I always have a smile on my face

Sophie de-Beck

Services Manager

I have a degree in mental health nursing, a teaching background, extensive experience in providing nursing care in NHS Mental Health Hospital and Community Dual Diagnosis Services, as well as managing Independent hospital and residential settings for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. I facilitate training programmes related to health and social care. I am well organised, versatile and a confident decision maker with attention to details, safely working under pressure to meet regulators and organisational deadlines.

I participate from time to time in auditing health and social care services with regards to compliance of their regulated activities.

  1. I have travelled extensively to Africa, Europe and the far East
  2. My 1st job was teaching
  3. I am a dressmaker and once owned a fashion boutique
  4. I love cooking and have learnt to cook continental and cultural meals
  5. I would like to own a dog

Regea Begum

Services Manager

I have been working in the social/healthcare sector for over 14 years. I started off as a volunteer and worked my way up to build a solid career working with vulnerable adults and I find working in this sector self rewarding.

I have worked within various organisations and tackle many types of challenges whilst gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience. I’m new to Accedo Group and so far have thoroughly enjoyed working here. The staff are friendly and helpful and there is so much potential within the company where I can see myself progressing far and gain new skills.

The five most important things to know about me

  1. I’m not a morning person – I’m usually quite grumpy until I’ve had my first cup of tea
  2. I love trying different types of cuisines
  3. I am multi-linguistic. I speak 5 different languages fluently
  4. I’m a very family orientated person. Spending time with my family is the most important thing to me
  5. Lastly, I would like to travel the world, learning how different people live around the world and trying their food and seeing their lifestyles

Elysseos Odesseos

HR Manager

I am the HR Manager at Accedo, and have been working in business management and recruitment for close to 10 years now.  I was attracted to joining Accedo due to their dedication to a personable and nurturing approach to care, this can be seen all through the organisation from the frontline to leadership to how they treat their clients.

The five most important things to know about me:

  1. I love souvlaki
  2. Arsenal FC are my club
  3.  I am a Mercedes enthusiast
  4.  I am an avid reader
  5. I am fluent in Greek