Accedo Group Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide good quality, individualised care that is led by you.

Our Values

Appreciate everyone’s contribution

We show appreciation by listening, respecting others,
and valuing diversity. This is reflected in our regular
supervisions, team meetings, and user forums.

Commit to people and plans

We commit to people and plans by completing
comprehensive assessments, support plans, and risk assessments.
We work closely with external partners to ensure holistic care.

Create opportunities and activity

We create opportunities and activity by organising events,
group activities, and providing regular training. Our aim is
to encourage participation and growth among our community.

Empower everyone involved

Empowerment is key in our approach. We promote choice and control,
celebrate achievement, and ensure consent is obtained before
taking action.

Demonstrate that we do what we say

We demonstrate accountability by holding keyworking meetings,
generating detailed reports, and maintaining development action plans.
Transparency and accuracy are integral to our operations.

Observe and reflect on what we do

Every year, our staff demonstrate our core values as part of
our appraisal system, ensuring alignment with our
missions and values.


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