Our induction programme forms the foundation between employer and employee. We will arrange to have an experienced member of staff provide you with support and help you to understand who we are, your role, accepted ways of working and meet new colleagues. This will assist in reducing any stress and anxiety associated with your new job, so that you can ‘hit the ground running’.


Through having one-to-one discussions, our supervisors are able to assist you by providing sound advice and emotional support, as well as listening to any issues or concerns that you may have. As a result, motivation, attitude, behaviour and skills development will have room to thrive, fostering positive relationships in the process.


Our appraisals will enable the management and monitoring of your performance standards. This is where we will agree your expectations and objectives for the forthcoming year. It will help to establish your individual training needs, as well as determine the resources you need to become truly effective in your role.


At Accedo we encourage as much learning as possible. We understand that people learn and soak up information in different ways, which is why we have introduced a flexible online-learning platform that includes a variety of media. You are able to take the time, learn at your own pace, and access from anywhere in the world.

Class-room style

Our class-room training sessions meet the need for human interaction, which means you not only get to learn through a face-to-face approach, but have the opportunity to discuss, debate, and engage with others that are also attending the course.