The Journey of an Accedo Support Worker

Rudo Chiura, Support Worker at our Abbey House service provides an insight to life as a Support Worker.

“Being a support worker is extremely rewarding and being frontline to those in need gives me a real sense of achievement knowing that I can make a positive difference. The most important thing for me is my interaction with the service users ensuring they are happy with the care they’re receiving. This is job satisfaction for me.

I am expected to be patient, calm, positive, trustworthy, able to ask for help, a team player, able to communicate effectively, possess duty of care and remember the importance of professional boundaries and the ability to take ego out of the equation.

I provide support to people with a variety of complex needs at one of Accedo’s supported living services, Abbey House. I provide support to service users in their own home to make choices and take control of their own lives; to take part in activities, daily chores, go shopping together, attend appointments, prepare meals, clean and encourage them to be part of their local community.

I recognise that when service users are given the right support, they can achieve much more than they imagine and live more independently.

If you are thinking of becoming a support worker and you have a passion for helping the needy and want to build a career whilst improving peoples lives, I would definitely recommend working for Accedo. The training provided for you enables you to become the very best. The support I have received has been brilliant. Of course there are challenges as every day is not the same, but you can see the difference you are making to someones life, so it’s worth it. I love my job, it has been life-changing”.

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