We has made the Social Care Commitment. Below is how this is described on the SCC website:
The Social Care Commitment is the adult social care sector’s promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services.

It is made up of seven ‘I will’ statements, with associated tasks. Each commitment will focus on the minimum standards required when working in care. The commitment aims to increase public confidence in the care sector and raise workforce quality in adult social care

Accedo made the commitment in 2014. The commitment has seven different statements. These are: Recruiting the right staff, thorough induction, supporting skills, upholding standards, taking responsibility, effective supervision and supporting staff. For each statement there are six commitments that can be made. To meet the commitment the organisation must meet one out of the six commitments for all seven statements.

Accedo has currently met three commitments for five of the statements and two commitments for the remaining two. We are well on our way to meeting all the commitments for all seven statements, which is our goal.

Having made our promise and met the required level of commitment Accedo Care Ltd is proud to be able to display the SCC banner on all of its documentation.