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We provide supported living services in Hertfordshire This means that essentially, you are the homeowner or tenant of your own flat, house or shared house where our team will come in to support you with what you need, when you need it.

You have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone who lives in the community. This means you have to look after your accommodation, cook, do your weekly shopping and pay your own bills! We will help you with these items as it may seem new or daunting, especially if you haven’t lived alone before.

We can support you to attend activities or college and also help you find employment supporting you if you need us to. We are registered with CQC to provide personal care within our supported living services, which means we can also help you with all of your personal care needs including assisting with your medication.

St George’s House comprises of 8 one bedroomed flats in Cheshunt supported living


Services at St George’s House

You will have an individualised activity programme that will be tailored to meet your own ideas, build in activities that you enjoy as well as educational, if required.

Following your assessment your individual support plan will be agreed by you and your care manager, this will identify how many hours of 1 to 1 support you may need, staff can support you.

  • Social and leisure hobbies
  • Educational programmes
  • Dedicated activity co-ordinator
  • Seasonally themed events

Each flat has a fully functioning kitchen, you will be able to do your own shopping, and cooking with staff support if required, you can chose meals and meal times that suit your life style and activities. Staff will support you to maintain a healthy life style and to help you liaise with ab occupation or dietician.

  • Cooking supporting staff
  • Nutritious and tasty meals provided
  • Professional dietician advice

St George’s House in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, is a mixed-use building with both residential and office users. Accedo Supported Living Services are delighted to be working with a private landlord to offer tenants bespoke care packages within this luxury development which consists of brand new one and two bedroom apartments, all lift accessible staff on site 24 hours a day and enclosed courtyard garden.

Each flat has its own front door, gas and electric supply, living room with open plan kitchen and one bedroom. There is an area in the block itself for staff and there will be support on hand 24 hours a day in addition to your tailored support package.

  • Single and double occupancy
  • 24-hour call system
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Telephone points
  • Thermostatic radiators

See inside St George’s House



I moved in to Accedo St Georges House on the 30/09/2016. I was evicted from My previous home because of my behaviour which included crying, screaming, scratching and making constantly allegation against staff. I was not supported the way I wanted from my previous home. The only way they would attend to me is when I cry and scream. I came to view the flat for the time and chose the flat I wanted.

The day I move to St George’s House and the staff’s showed me my flat and I really like the flat. The experience with the first couple of weeks wasn’t easy as I was crying, screaming, refusing to leave my flat as I was scared, I will be evicted out again, refusing to sit on my foot Stoll to help with my legs and scratching staff. I had 24 hours of support, but I was still unsettled and would not participate in any activities. The staff worked with my OT and my clinical Nurse Specialist from the HPFT and they were able to support me manage my behaviour.

I was able to choose my own keyworker to support me manage all health appointment and support me to enjoy the best out of life.

During my birthday the staff in Accedo Group supported me to plan a birthday party with a video call to my sister, who I love very much. I am very thankful to the staff for making me feel at ease and for encouraging me to take part in group activities, going to the cinema, going Friday live band during the summer, I also attends a day class in Hertfordshire library for people of my age group.”

“XX moved in Accedo St Georges House on the 05/09/2017. He was the first tenant to move in to St George’s house and chose his own flat, which was the top floor flat. He can communicate both written and verbal at his level. XX is independent as he can go out in the community and socialise independently.

Staff prompt XX to attend to his personal care needs and always get support to make healthy choices of food because of his health. XX tends to display challenging behaviour when he is frustrated or upset.. Since he moved in there has been only two episodes of him displaying challenging behaviour.

Staff supported XX to find a volunteer placement at a charity shop where he worked 4 days a week over a 12 week trail. Whenever a position becomes available XX will be given that opportunity to apply for a full-time contract of 40 hours a week. XX was supported to apply for an IT course as he was interested in becoming an IT engineer.

XX has been discharged from his CTO (Community Treatment Order) due to his compliant with Medication and support from staff at Accedo.
Social Worker

“XX moved in to Accedo St Georges House 17/10/2017. Staff did 4 months transition with choice of different staff of his culture needs.

XX has the tendency of displaying challenging behaviour towards staff and others as he tends to be aggressive when he is not happy. Staff tried to encourage XX to do outdoor activities but there was no avail.

XX behaviour issues have reduced since he moved in to Accedo care. He has improved so much on displaying challenging behaviour.

XX completes weekly activities, which he participates well with staff support and encouragement. XX gets involved in managing his daily routines and engages well in meal preparation. XX now goes out in the community 3-5 times a week with staff support and now choses the place he wants to go. He goes to the barbers and a meal out to the restaurant with staff every week.”
Social Worker

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Call us on: 0203 418 8180

Flats 1-11
St. George’s House
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