Accedo Sustainability Statement

At Accedo we care about the environment and encourage sustainability in our services. 
Some of these measures include: 

  • Low energy light bulbs in all communal areas.
  • Rainwater collection for planting
  • Cycle rack installed at the units.
  • Cooperate social responsibility has been added to both shareholders board meetings and all governance meetings as a standard agenda item.
  • Toner cartridges are recycled.
  • Tenants are encouraged to recycle.
  • Recycling bins in communal areas.
  • Filtered water available in communal areas to reduce the need for bottled water.
  • Encouraging staff and tenants to minimise waste.
  • Encouraging staff and tenants to minimise water and energy use for example:
    • Turning thermostats down by 1°C to save approximately 10% energy.
    • Ensure thermostatic controls are working effectively.
    • Turning off lights when leaving the room
    • Only boiling as much water as necessary

Additionally, some of our 2022 sustainability goals include:

  • Green Champion staff and Service User identified for each unit.
  • Recycling programme within each unit.
  • Vegetable garden grown and maintained by tenants.
  • Service Users all have travel passes and are encouraged to use public transport.
  • Waste collection contracts reviewed.
  • We will continue to review our sustainability policy.