Our Mission

‘To approach care differently’

Accedo Care provide individual support packages to adults with learning disabilities, mental illness, or physical disabilities in their own homes within the local community.

Each individual is at the heart of what we do and we tailor support packages to meet your individual need.

Nothing we offer, do or provide is without the direct input from you or your representative. We will enable, encourage and support your independence skills.

We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse.

Our Vision

  • To deliver person centred care.
  • We believe a person’s home is truly their own.
  • To concentrate on providing quality support to each individual in the way they choose, in the way that is right for their life in their home.
  • Accedo believes all support provision should be directed by the customer
  • We believe YOU should get to choose
  • YOU should get to decide who supports you, when, where and how.
  • These are the key words we use at Accedo

When, where and how… Your provision, your choice!

Our Promise

Accedo will:

  • Respect your home. Your privacy, dignity, and rights.
  • Support you to select your own staff, take part in recruitment or give us your views on the sort of staff you would like.
  • Exercise good governance.
  • Be flexible around you.
  • Send trained and skilled staff to support you who treat you in the way you wish to be treated.
  • Train our staff in your specific condition if this is required.
  • Always listen to what you want, support you to complain or let us know if you are not happy.
  • Review your support regularly or at any time you request this.
  • Audit the quality of your support on a regular basis using both internal and external sources.