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Supported Living Services a mixture of one and two bedroomed flats

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Services at Katherine Road

You will have an individualised activity programme that will be tailored to meet your own ideas, build in activities that you enjoy as well as educational, if required.

Following your assessment your individual support plan will be agreed by you and your care manager, this will identify how many hours of 1 to 1 support you may need, staff can support you.

  • Social and leisure hobbies
  • Educational programmes
  • Dedicated activity co-ordinator
  • Seasonally themed events

Each flat has a fully functioning kitchen, you will be able to do your own shopping, and cooking with staff support if required, you can chose meals and meal times that suit your life style and activities. Staff will support you to maintain a healthy life style and to help you liaise with ab occupation or dietician.

  • Cooking supporting staff
  • Nutritious and tasty meals provided
  • Professional dietician advice

Each flat has its own front door, gas and electric supply, living room with open plan kitchen and bedroom. There is an area in the block itself for staff and there will be support on hand 24 hours a day in addition to your tailored support package.

  • Single and double occupancy
  • 24-hour call system
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Telephone points
  • Thermostatic radiators

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