Accedo is proud to display our CQC rating of GOOD for our last inspection in May 2018. The report which can be accessed from the widget below is a testament to all the hard work and dedication by the team and management at Accedo.

The content of the report is reflective of the ethos of Accedo and as a provider, we cannot ask for more than that. Our mission statement and the things we strive to achieve with, and for the individuals we support, is documented in the report and comes through on every page.


“Social care is generally under such a critical eye and we spend so much time being reactive that I wanted to take a moment to just feedback some compliments from our visit last week.

We facilitated a practice development session for team members working with GT & EW.

If there was an award for recruiting people with the right values, then it should be yours. They all clearly have the good values to support people with complex needs and this came through not only when speaking warmly of the 2 ladies concerned but also from their keenness to make progress and support growth for them in line with national policy values.

I hope that we can help them by supporting their idea’s to fulfil GT & EW’s aspirations and give them some tools to measure their outcomes so that they can also see and celebrate their success. Small steps in many cases are great success and should be acknowledged. I hope we can support the momentum.

At our last leaders event, Rosemary very kindly volunteered to do a presentation at our next event. The theme is on activities so the work done with EW will fit the agenda perfectly. I will email more details and dates but thank you in advance for volunteering to showcase some good partnership working and please, invite as many of your team that support these 2 ladies along.

Well done all.”